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Picnic @ Marina Barrage

Had an awesome birthday party with my group of bimbies + himbies last weekend!
On a Saturday afternoon, 15 of us gathered at Marina Barrage for Picnic + Kite Flying + Maxi Camwhore!!!
That's so fun!!!! ^.^

Well... 天不做美....
The weather turns dark while we being to settle down for the picnic. =(

We had to move indoor for picnic!
We had Grapes, Salmon, Sushi, Pork Ribs, Moscato, Chips & XXL Chicken Cutlet.
Hmmm...  too little food prepared.... 真不好意思! Pai Seh!

Our mood were not dampen by the weather nor the insufficient food!

Continue camwhoring!
Pretty Celine & Chermaine in Floral Print Maxi!

Pretty Wen so sexy yeah?

And while the girls were snacking, camwhoring, gossiping....
The guys were not left out, they were busy engrossed with one of the i Pad application.
All thanks to Mr. Shamoose Swee! =)

I thought this picture is so damn funny! Siow Hui being bullied by little Kayden!
"It's not FUNNEH!">>> Kayden pronounce "Funny" as "Funneh"! Lol!!! 

Yes! The sun is back! So Yupppie!
Back to the field for sun & kite flying! =)

The guys behind... (including Dar) were happily flying kite while Mr. Shamoose, the bartender for the day serve us drinks!

Happy Jumping Shots!!!!
Kinda crazy to jump in our maxi dresses though!

Fun! Fun! Fun!

Happy Birthday to me!
I just realise that this year all my cakes come with 1 candle only.
Lol.... after 21st, women age became secret..... Shhh....

Thank you bimbies! You girls are so sporting!
All of you came with the Pretty Maxi Dresses!~!~
You girls rocks my life! Sweeee!!! ^.^

As for Himbies(including Walter who is not in the pic), I gonna say BIG THANKS to all of you too!!!
Thanks for the taking your time & effort for coming all the way to Marina Barrage for the party!  =)

For those who were there at my party, all of you know we had a bad quarrel...
(Don't worry, everything is under control. We are fine now!)
Can you believe we were still in "cold war" while we took this picture?LOL!
Indeed we are good salesman/saleswomen, can pretend to smile so happily lo!  Hahaha!!

As the sky turns dark, we hop on to Marina South Pier 放天灯 !

All of them were so enthusiastic since it's their first time doing it! =)

Yay! 1 Sky Lantern Up! =)

By the time we finish with the sky lantern, it was nearing to 10pm+.
Most of us were famished and we decided to head on to Newton Circus for Supper! *fattening*

Look at the amount of food we ordered! WOW!!!!!

After dinner, we had "Lou Hei" in the carpark! Gosh! 
We were so afraid that we will be stomp lo!!!

Preparing "Lo Hei" in the carpark! Memorable and unique experience! =)

Overall, I had a great birthday celebration with my group of bimbies & himbies!
As for now, I am looking forward to my staycation with the girls tomorrow!
Gonna camwhore and blog about it soon!
Tata! Have a great weekend!